How Kleen Came To Be

It was early 2014 when I turned 43 and decided to give myself a well deserved sabbatical. I was looking forward to spending more time with my three beautiful kids and rekindle my love for yoga. I joined a wonderful studio in downtown Palo Alto, Yoga Source, which has always been the best place for Bikram and Heated Power Yoga. As a midlife crises fighting male, I could not bear to bare it all in the heated classes. So I began my battle of the bulge keeping my t-shirt on. First I wore regular cotton which became heavy quickly, but more embarrassing was my STINK. Then I migrated over to my running and soccer shirts in hopes of avoiding the smell with the athletic material. But this was to no avail and the end result was ruined shirts and shorts tossed in the trash.

So I began searching for ways of getting the STINK out of my clothes. GOOGLE Help!! Dousing my clothes in vinegar, sprinkling with baking soda, pouring vodka concoctions, purchasing odor blocking detergent-- you name it I did it. But there was no real working remedy, the stink could not be beat. I even called up our washing machine manufacturer hoping to place the blame on the machine (which was brand new). After painstaking conversation with the manufacturer help line I soon learned that no matter what, the clothes are RUINED. "It's a real world problem" said the nice lady on the help line.

After purging close to a dozen shirts which had been ruined by the returning stench I thought to myself, "Surely someone out there has the same problem? Surely someone has THE solution to stink, or at least one in progress? Why me? Why me? Why me?

After a few nights of crying myself to sleep, I decided that someone was going to be ME. That's right, the sabbatical was just handed his pink papers and it was time to move on. During my crises I purchased a few shirts from "RuRuRemon" place and paid a RuRu-hefty $$$  for a shirt only to find that the problem was not really solved. Although outfitted with some silver technology, it's anti-odor claim only works if you manage to wash the wet clothes immediately following use. In addition, the price made it a wallet breaker.

Thus was born Kleen Fabrics. Today I am happy to report the battle fo the stink has been won. But why stop there? We are committed to bring the amazing technology to help every aspect of your life. With cool products currently in development: socks, bags, pillow cases, sheets, pet collars, headbands. Tell us if there is a stinky item which we can Kleen up! If your idea goes into production you will be rewarded with the first production model and we will grant you naming rights. Are we great or what?