About Us

Designed by people who stink. Made for people who stink….

At Kleen Fabrics we stand for anti-stink clothing while supporting local community and giving back.

Kleen Fabrics is a start-up based out of Palo Alto, California. Founded by a mid-life crises denier who was surrounded by stink in his two fitness center and Bikram classes and couldn't take it anymore. He saw the stink getting in the way of being active. He tried everything to eliminate stink from dousing clothes in vinegar, sprinkling with baking soda, pouring vodka concoctions, and using odor blocking detergent. But the stink remained. When he couldn't remove the stink through washing, he bought expensive anti-odor clothing which lost effectiveness after a few washes.

After throwing away a dozen stinky shirts he asked,  "Surely someone out there has the same problem?  Surely someone has THE solution to stink?  Why me?" Hence, Kleen Fabrics was born.

Kleen Silver powered by PurThread uses breakthrough technology that infuses silver salts into the fabric that remains 99.97% intact after 100 harsh industrial washes.

Supporting Local Community

Instead of producing outside of the US for lower cost, we wanted to keep every step of the process in the US to create jobs and ensure high quality of product.

100% Made in USA means:

Raw Material Produced in North Carolina and Tennessee

Designed in Palo Alto CA

Manufactured in San Francisco CA

Today I am happy to report that the battle of the stink has been won. But why stop there?  We are committed to bring this amazing technology to help every aspect of your life.