Our Science

SILVER. Now you have yet another reason to love it. Aside from its timeless beauty and versatility it is one of nature’s most powerful antimicrobial agents. Kleen Fabrics is pleased to introduce KleenSilver™  powered by PurThread™ a revolutionary fabric infused with silver in the most technologically advanced form.  

Kleen Silver™ powered by Purthread™ technology keep fabrics fresh and protects against mold, mildew, fungus, and odor-causing bacteria. 

When you sweat, your body produces an ideal environment for bacteria to grow and produce unpleasant body odor. Even with laundering, the oils from your sweat penetrate fabric and resist the cleaning effects of detergent. In other words: 

Sweat stains REMAIN, the bacteria THRIVE and you continue to STINK. 

Exposure to silver leaves zero chance for bacteria to develop and your clothes are void of any odor.  Our clothing is produced with safe levels of silver which have been rigorously tested in independent lab studies.

What is Kleen Fabrics?

Kleen Fabrics is a novel antimicrobial fabric that improves on earlier technologies by embedding powerful, safe, germ-killing silver directly into the core of the fiber rather than coating it on or weaving it in. The result is a high-performing fabric that constantly protects against destructive and odor-causing germs. And Kleen Fabrics antimicrobial protection never washes off or wears away.

How does Kleen Silver™ work?

University studies show Kleen Silver powered by Purthread™ kills bugs on fabrics like  bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus, helping them stay free of germs and smelling fresh. Athletic wear can go straight from the gym to the coffee shop and soccer gear can be left in the trunk of the car without ruining the ride.

How does Kleen Silver™ kill odor?

Silver has been used safely in medicine for centuries and is known to be a powerful bacteria killer. When bacteria come in contact with the silver embedded in Kleen Fabrics, their ability to form the chemical bonds necessary for their survival is disrupted. These bonds produce the bacteria cell’s physical structure, so when it touches the silver, it literally falls apart.

By killing the germs that cause sweat to stink. As it happens, sweat itself has hardly any smell. The trouble starts when moisture from sweat comes in contact with the bacteria on our skin. Those bacteria metabolize our sweat and in the process produce unpleasant smells. Kleen Fabrics fights those smells by eliminating the bacteria on fabrics that would interact with sweat.

How does Kleen Fabrics compare to others who claim to be anti-odor?

Kleen Fabrics = soft to the touch, but strong when it comes to wear and care.

Competitors = overpriced, require high maintenance, and easily ruined. Bad investment.

Kleen Silver powered by Purthread™ = performance and low maintenance

Our fabric asks less, performs better, for longer - a sturdy investment. Kleen Fabrics require fewer washes and guaranteed to last over 100 washes. Good for your wallet, better for the environment.

Wannabe's vs. hardcore. Kleen Fabrics is the real deal. Not overpriced wannabe sorority house.

You shouldn't have to empty your wallet to be stink free.

What makes Kleen Fabrics different?  

Pure, natural, recycled silver. Kleen Silver™ powered by Purthread™ incorporates a safe, EPA-registered silver salt from Kodak, a world leader in silver science and technologies. Microscopic particles of Kodak’s silver are embedded within Kleen Fabrics fiber, making its antimicrobial properties intrinsic to the fabric and providing coverage from top to bottom for the life of the product.

How do you know Kleen Silver™ works?

All Kleen Fabric yarn is rigorously tested by outside laboratories to AATCC 100 standards (the industry’s test to determine whether antimicrobial textiles kill germs)—and shows impressive effectiveness against many microorganisms, including odor-causing bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus.

Does Kleen Silver™ wash out?

No. Because the silver is embedded in Kleen Fabrics rather than a coating, treatment or dip, it can never wear off or wash out. Laboratory tests show Kleen Fabrics remain as effective at fighting bacteria after 100 harsh industrial launderings.

Is Kleen Silver™ safe for people and the environment?

Yes. Kleen Silver™ contains a safe, natural, EPA-registered silver salt as its antimicrobial agent. Kleen Silver™ does not contain nano-silver (particles of silver so small they are considered capable of leaching into human skin or the environment), nor does it contain any potentially toxic or harmful chemical agents such as triclosan.

Many anti-odor clothing options on the market bleed out their silver content in every wash cycle. This is more than just your money down the drain. And the problem doesn't stop there. The silver "run off" exiting laundry machines and continue out into the environment and is very harmful to marine life. Even after 100 industrial washings Kleen Silver™ remained 99.97% intact proving it will not wear off or wash out over time.

A study conducted by the Hohenstein Institute in 2011 showed that textiles treated with silver have no impact on the good bacteria naturally found on skin, even after extended wear.

Kleen Silver™ powered by Purthread is a bluesign® system partner, working to eliminate environmentally harmful substances from the textile manufacturing process from the very beginning of the supply chain.